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Taking Action. Making Connections. Changing Lives.


Saratoga WarHorse Connections – Winter, 2017

By on Dec 12, 2017 in Newsletter |

It may happen months, years, even decades after a veteran has seen active military duty. Pain and hopelessness have no expiration dates. This isn’t words and pills. It’s only three days of commitment. And there’s no charge to the veteran. It is a profound healing experience between one human being and another equally complex individual – a horse – an animal that has...

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Saratoga WarHorse Equine Spotlight – Spring, 2017

By on Jun 27, 2017 in Newsletter |

His racing name was Groom’s Point, but to those that know and love him he is Kip. When I was contacted about Kip there was something about his description that drew me. He could be ridden according to his owner, but she sensed he desired a different role as healer. Horses are natural intuits and are the key component of Saratoga WarHorse. Kip has been with the...

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Connections – Saratoga WarHorse Newsletter Volume 2, Number 2

By on Apr 7, 2014 in Newsletter |

Jason Eisenmann was a casualty. He left behind his grieving parents, loyal friends, and a devoted fiancé. The entire Aiken community was fallen to its knees. Jason’s father asked; could Saratoga WarHorse have saved his life? ‘I…we will never know, but it would have been great if Jason could have had the chance. I want to give that chance to...

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Connections – Saratoga WarHorse Newsletter Volume 2, Number 1

By on Jan 31, 2014 in Newsletter |

I spent a lot of time on SWH’s website, and was immediately moved by testimonials from the veterans whose lives were literally saved by the horses at Saratoga WarHorse. The short documentaries on the website moved me to tears, and I knew it would be a wonderful organization for us to work with. What struck me most about SWH was that it gave veterans a chance to...

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Connections – Saratoga WarHorse Newsletter Volume 1, Number 3

By on Oct 21, 2013 in Newsletter |

This ancient proverb captures the essence of Saratoga WarHorse, an exemplary program that provides a connecting path for healing and hope to our military veterans in need. As Saratoga residents, and ones who breed, own and race thoroughbreds and have military backgrounds, we are proud to par-ticipate in such a meaningful program. Having been involved in Saratoga...

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Connections – Saratoga WarHorse Newsletter Volume 1, Number 2

By on Jul 14, 2013 in Newsletter |

We’ve held three classes since our last newsletter, and veterans attended from as far away as New Mexico and Arizona and as nearby as Ganesvoort, NY. More positive feedback from the program participants, their friends and families, and mental health professionals confirm that the Connection process is restorative and life-changing. We feel the essence of Churchill’s...

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