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Taking Action. Making Connections. Changing Lives.

What to Expect

The Experience


Saratoga WarHorse provides a new experience with a focus on post-traumatic stress and suicide prevention that is a vastly different approach from traditional talk therapy and is provided at no cost to the veterans.

Here is what takes place:

  • Veterans are provided with a three-day program completely free of charge, including lodging, travel fare and meals.
  • Veterans undergo classroom and hands-on training with an equine instructor to prepare them for their introduction to the horses.
  • After preparations, the veteran and the horse meet in the round pen to begin the life-changing Connection.
  • Personal touches include friendly and comfortable hotel accommodations, home cooked meals, community support, and peer-to-peer interactions in an emotionally safe environment.

There is published scientific data supporting the Saratoga WarHorse experience. The process facilitates a profound personal connection between veteran and horse, seemingly “unlocking” a part of the veteran that has been closed down for years.

The unique and powerful approach of Saratoga WarHorse has been described by veterans as “life-changing beyond words.”

Saratoga WarHorse is designed exclusively for veterans, and all participants are guaranteed full confidentiality. The photos and quotes used on this website and in our newsletter appear with the express permission of the participants.

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